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Towards a responsible and human world
Our mission is to care for health and to improve the long-term quality of people's lives. Leben therefore means a lot more than the manufacturing and sale of safe and effective pharmaceutical products. Above all, Leben means responsibility. We are highly aware of our responsibility for making possible the development of a healthy and safe living environment.

Humaneness : We are a part of the community wherever we work in India. We do our best to enrich the life of the community, and especially the lives of its socially weakest members. We make donations to and visit various institutions and offer our services. We expand the concept of caring for health through becoming involved in various activities like free medicines for the health checkup camps organized by various government, semi-government and social institutions.

As a pharmaceutical company we understand our duty to behave in a humane fashion and to offer assistance to areas which have been affected by natural catastrophes or war. A feeling for the needs of others leads us to respond to the difficulties of patients and individuals in the environments in which we operate, especially where they are socially disadvantaged.

Responsibility towards children : We feel a great deal of responsibility towards children and youths, the most vulnerable part of society and at the same time the part which reflects our future. Hence our major prescription drugs are related to child health.

We are convinced that together with them we must overcome the dangers of the modern world and difficult circumstances, and discover a healthy way of life. Thus we support projects which benefit them.

The power of culture : We believe in the power of cultural connections and shared experiences which are based on cultural differences. Therefore we arrange different cultural activities.

Belief in knowledge : Knowledge is the foundation of our belief and the realization of our mission, and therefore we believe in it and support it. We are closely associated with the some of the Educational Institution of Maharashtra for interaction acquisition of top-level knowledge.

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