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Leben's milestones in history

From the very beginning, our operations have been characterized by dynamic development and a tendency towards internationalization. Constant and intensive growth, characteristic of Leben's entire history, has recently become an especially noticeable factor.

1981 The Leben pharmaceutical formulation company formed the first task is to established the company and expand the product portfolio.

1985 Product namely Kelvin-P has been launched for the first time in India.

1987 Land acquired from MIDC and Bhumipujan ceremony.

1989 Plant inaugurated

1993 First expansion

1995 Second expansion

1997 Sri lanka

1999 Third expansion

2000 Male

2001 Mauritious

2002 Zambia

2003 Malavi

2004 Forth expansion & Kenya

2005 Ethiopia

2007 Uganda

2008 Fifth expansion

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